Unboxing Faerietalecandles

Yeeeeeehh! A new unboxing, this time an unboxing of bought items from faerietalecandles, an etsy shop located in New Zealand.

We promised faerietalecandles to do it in english this time so that she could also read it. Forgive us for our mistakes if its not always the proper english but we do our best!

A few weeks ago we bought 4 candles each at once so that we could split the shippingcosts. And guess what!!! THEY ARRIVED TODAY!! *happy dance*

So….. lets unbox!

I’ve got a package, I’ve got a package! Well the truth to be told: we have a package😇! How sweet of me to let Denise in nerves.

Look how lovely this is. Confetti!

Very happy with the packing skill of Alicia. She made sure everything was well packaged! So that nothing could happen to the candles.

Show me the candles!

Denise’s candles:
D: So I haven’t seen them in real yet, but they look really pretty! I can’t wait to smell them. It’s a bit of a shame that Cassians sword is a bit caved in. There are small bubbles in there. I’m a no candle burner person, but I guess I’ll keep the lid on anyway. I do think I’d even liked it better if Azriel and Cassian weren’t the same, exept for the color. But they do look very pretty, so I’m happy.
M: Omg, I am sooo jealous at the moment and totally in love with the azriel candle. The candles are very shiny because of all the glitter. Call me a magpie but I love it!

Manuela’s candles:M: Look at my new babies 😍 aren’t they cute!! Omg the rowan candle smells Amazing, can’t believe I finally have my copy of it. Amren and Morrigan where kind of a mysterie candle for me, I bought it without any picture of how it would look like. I am happy with amren: the bloodruby and all the bloodstaines, it suits her. But honestly? I don’t get the morrigan candle? Is it a earring? Or just another jewelry? If someone knows it please tell me! And my last candle but certainly not the least, queen of assassins in other words CELAENA! I love it!
D: As Manuela says: I really don’t get what that thing on Morrigans candle is. The candles look really pretty tho.

We both agree when I say that:
Alicia is a real artist with her color combination and mini wax designs. Its amazing and I love every single one of the candles even the ones for Denise. Which one do you like the most? I know I want a bunch more of these candles … like feyre, rhysand, elena and damon even the hogwarts candles are to die for! Do I got a new addiction? Well yes! I do.😂

If you are interested in these candles you can buy them in a bundle of 4 candles for the price of 11 euros thats 2.75 a candle! The shipping is around 9 euro which makes the candles around 5 euros. Not much for a beautiful candle, don’t you think?

Click here to get to her shop!

Manuela & Denise


2 gedachten over “Unboxing Faerietalecandles”

  1. Lovely candles, as always! I can assure you the Harry Potter houses are amazing too! (I ordered the slightly bigger ones though, so my mini wax is a little clearer)

    And I think the mini wax for mor is the red dress! It’s mentioned in the book a few times I believe!


    1. Hoi Annette,

      Ze zijn ook echt prachtig maar voor welke grote je ook koopt, de waxmelts blijven hetzelfde dat heb ik namelijk gevraagd. De grote van waxmelt uit onze kaarsjes zitten ook in de 4oz en de 7oz daar zit geen verschil in☺

      De waxmelt van morrigan blijkt een oorbel te zijn😉


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